Trap Shooting

The Tucson Trap & Skeet Club, with 50 trap fields, is one of the largest facilities in the country.  All Tucson Trap and Skeet Club facilities are handicap accessible.

The first formal trap shoot took place in Cincinnati Ohio in 1831, using live birds. With the advent of glass ball targets, and eventually clay disc targets, the sport began to take on the popular form of the game known today as Trap.

American Trap uses a single target launcher, or trap, which is located below ground in a trap house. This trap oscillates left to right and back, launching a single clay target, or bird. American trap has a field with 5 shooting positions.

Singles Trap features shots taken from each of the shooting positions 16 yards behind the trap house. The shooters position themselves on one of the 5 shooting positions, or stations. Each shooter shoots five shots from his current station, then the squad rotates to the next station until each shooter has shot five times from each of the five stations for a total of 25 shots.

Handicap Trap is the same game, with shooters moving back to varying distances from the trap house, with the maximum distance being 27 yards.

Doubles Trap is shot from 16 yards, with the distinction being in the way the targets are presented. In Doubles Trap, the targets are thrown two at a time and the trap does not oscillate so each of the pairs of targets are uniform in trajectory.