International Trap

International Trapshooting follows similar guidelines as American Trap, but tends to be much more difficult.  For each position on the field, there are three fixed trap machines in the bunker for a total of 15, each set to throw one right angle, one left angle, and a straight-away target.

The speed of International Trap targets are roughly twice as fast as American Trap targets and are thrown at a distance of 76 meters from the bunker.  The targets can be thrown anywhere in a 45 degree angle from the middle of each shooting station’s 3 machines that are assigned to that post.  The height varies from 1 meter to 3 meters above the trap house.

During a round in International Trap, the targets are selected in a random sequence by a computer and are released with virtually no delay.  At the completion of 1 round (25 targets), each participant will have shot the same target sequence.

In Doubles Trap, two targets are launched simultaneously from two machines and can have up to a one second delay. These targets are somewhat slower than that of the Bunker targets and only travel 55 meters.